Quality Assurance

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IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Before production, the raw materials provided by the suppliers will be tested, and will be tested through sampling testing and other methods to ensure that only the qualified products are accepted, otherwise, they will be returned, so as to ensure the quality of the raw materials. 

5S Management (Seiri, Seito, Seio, Seiketu, Shituke)

5S is the basis of high-quality management in the factory. It starts with environmental management to cultivate good working habits of every employee.

It requires employees to keep the factory production environment clean, tidy and the production process in order, thus reducing operational errors and production accidents, to improve the quality and efficiency of production.

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Field quality control

Field Quality Control

a) Staff must be trained and learned skills and relevant technical documents before work. We trained them with equipment operation, and then conduct examinations on safety, equipment, process and quality. Only after passing the examinations, they can have the post qualification. If they need to be transferred to another position, they must re-take the exam, in order to control the quality problems caused by the random arrangement of post transfer.

Post product drawings, technical standards, operation specifications in each production post, ensure that each employee operates correctly.

b) Check the production equipment timely, establish equipment files, mark the key equipment, maintain the equipment, check the accuracy of the equipment periodically, ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the production process and ensure the quality of the products.

c) Quality monitoring points must be established according to the main parts, key parts and key processes of the products. Workshop technicians, equipment maintenance engineer and quality inspector must provide quality assurance measures to timely monitor the process status and make the process quality fluctuation within the allowable range.

OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)

After production is completed and before shipment, there will be specialized personnel to inspect, determine, record and summarize the products according to the finished product inspection specifications and relevant technical documents, mark the defective products, and return them for rework to ensure that no defective products are shipped and that every customer receives the products with good quality.

Packing and shipment

Packing and Shipment

The factory uses equipment for automatic packaging, clamping and stacking, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and also ensures the quality of products.

After the product is packaged, we will simulate the collision, extrusion, fall and other situations that may occur in the process of logistics to ensure that the package is strong and will not be damaged during transportation, so as to avoid losses to customers.

After confirming product quality, packaging and other issues, the customer's products will be loaded. Before loading , we will make the loading plan to ensure that the space is utilized maximumly extent, so as to save the transportation cost of the customer.