Head Office and Financial Center: AMLIFRICASA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD in Hongkong, China.

Hong Kong is an internationally financial, trading, shipping center, an international innovation and technology center. The company headquarters in Hong Kong has free foreign exchange control, free capital flow and high credit, which can be used to open accounts and receive international funds around the world. Customers do not need to worry about remittance.

Sourcing & Marketing Center: DONGGUAN AMLIFRICASA TRADING CO., LTD in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta of China. With its geographical advantages and abundant factory resources, we have established stable long-term cooperative relationship with top5 famous manufacturers in the industry to provide one-stop service for customers. Our professional sales team is familiar with the import laws and regulations of African countries and consumer demand, so we can provide suitable products for the market.


The R&D center is responsible for organizing and carrying out academic, information and technical exchanges of domestic and overseas. It's also conducting in-depth research on new technologies, new equipment, new processes and new experiences, and actively promoting them within the scope of the company.

Production factory: in South Africa

Our production factory which in South Africa has 8000 square meters production workshop, 5 production lines, and 300 employees, is in a stage of rapid development, factory building, equipment, personnel of which are constantly expanding. Now our factory has a group of experienced technicians and management. Our production line is equipped with advanced instruments, including mold designing and manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping molding and comprehensive assembling capacity, all based on our high testing standard.

Products can be designed and produced according to customer needs, including air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, TV, gas stoves and other products. The products are elegant, reliable and safe. All of them have recieved global quality certification such as 3C, CE, CB, IEC etc, which from institutes including UL, TUV, SGS, Intertek, covering international standards and testing items. .

Production factory
Production factory-2