7KG Front Loading Dryer

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• Temperature and humidity induction

• Low temperature heat pump drying

• Healthy sterilization

• Easy to clean filter

• Various drying modes

• Child lock

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AMLIFRICASA Front Load Electric Dryer was designed to make laundry day nice and simple. Whether you' ve got a pile of soaking wet towels or a delicate blouse that simply needs refreshing, this extra large electric dryer has you covered. From a light load of delicates to a mountain of towels or a duvet, this dryer can get the job done. Drying sensors can customize the heat to keep your clothing, sheets, and more looking brand new. The dryer ajusts temps and dry times for you. Spend less time babysitting your laundry and more time doing what you want with your day. For added convenience, the electric clothes dryer prevents wrinkles.

Temperature and humidity induction

Equipped with a high-precision sensor, real-time sensing cylinder and clothing temperature and humidity, avoid drying impermeable, excessive drying, ensure clothing comfortable and skin-friendly

8 kg Electric Compact Clothes Dryer Machine-1
8 kg Electric Compact Clothes Dryer Machine-2

Low temperature heat pump drying

The heat pump system is heated to 56℃ gold temperature, it can effectively sterilize and eliminate mites in 30 minutes.The lower temperature brings soft care to the clothes

Healthy sterilization

with ultraviolet sterilization, effectively kill bacteria in the fiber deeply. opens a new experience of comfortable and healthy dressing.

8 kg Electric Compact Clothes Dryer Machine-3
8 kg Electric Compact Clothes Dryer Machine-4

Easy to clean filter

The oversized dandruff collector can filter dandruff, pet hair, wool and other accessories to prevent inhalation injury, easily collect dandruff, more convenient cleaning, care for the health of the dressing family.

Various drying modes

A variety of drying mode at will conversion. Select a variety of drying modes: mixed, cotton, wool, baby clothes, jeans and fast drying. For different clothing fabrics fine and professional distinction, dry clothes more protective clothes.

8 kg Electric Compact Clothes Dryer Machine-5



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Loading Capacity(40HQ)



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