639L No frost Four-door Refrigerator

Short Description:

• Independent cooling technology

• High Efficiency Compressor

• Humidity preservation

• Large storage space

• Door opening delay alarm

Product Detail

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AMLIFRICASA Cross door refrigerator adopting no frost air cooling technology, you don’t have the trouble of manual frost removal. Uniform refrigeration, making the temperature of the refrigerator more stable, provides better freezing. This all nutrients and vitamins in all products are maintained intact.

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High Efficiency Compressor

Side by Side Refrigerator - 689L-4

Inverter compressors measure the conditions inside your fridge and adjust the cooling output accordingly, to ensure a stable temperature, save power consumption and run quieter, while also extending your appliance’s lifespan.

Independent cooling system

Cross door Refrigerator - 639L-2

Three separate compartments are equipped with separate cooling systems. Three separate air cycles effectively avoid odor contamination. Three separate compartments offer more stable temperatures and food stays fresh longer.

Door opening delay alarm


60 seconds delay alarm, let you no longer worry about forgetting to close the refrigerator door, it is also your little assistant to save electricity

Frost-free design

639L No frost Four-door Refrigerator

The frost-free air cooling technology allows,the cold air to circulate evenly in the refrigerator, making the temperature of the refrigerator more stable, thus preventing the formation of ice crystals and providing better freezing effect. let your products fresh for a longer period of time.

Large storage space

Cross door Refrigerator - 639L-3

Large space to store fresh food, from fruits, vegetables, and drinks to meat and seafood, catering to each family member's preferences, and can store food needs for two weeks in a single shopping trip.

Tempered glass shelves


The tempered glass shelf has a strong carrying capacity, allowing you to separate different types of food. The movable sliding out shelf provides you with more ways to store food, making the storage space more flexible.

Basic Parameters:

Box structure Cross door Total Volume (L) 639
Weight (kg)   Product size (mm)  
Color Silver Rated voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 220V/50HZ
Refrigerant R600a Defrost Type Automatic Defrost
Refrigerating mode Direct cooling Glass shelves yes

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